WE CREATE CONTENT FOR BROADCAST What is great content, its good well shot fooatge, why must we be subjected to youtube quality so we produce well produced programming in documentaries, music promos brand films, shoots with significance, newsworthy storytelling is a must, a cinematic experience in every shot.

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What is Unicord

Who are we? What do we do? Can we change the world? Creativity changes the world, it changes the destiny for some.

If its not life changing then whats the point,  What is media? What is matter, what is the invisible made visible, what is the substance that makes the invisible visible.

1 CONTENTWhat is Unicord? What is its creative matter? Unicord is Tri formed subsatnce from a creative source, the power to move & take action.The relations between creativity and general intelligence, mental and neurological processes, personality type and creative ability, creativity and mental health; the potential for fostering creativity through education and training, especially as augmented by technology; and the application of creative resources to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Unicord Media conceptualises designs, scripts, shoots and provides rich media matter on all platforms that help brands thrive. We bring our creativity, experience and passion to every element of a project.

Unicord Media is a progressive entertainment media company that will create, develop and produce Film, TV and Internet related properties.

Unicord’s vision or goal is to deliver compelling entertainment that will entertain and inspire audiences worldwide. The team has over 15 years of experience working in almost every facet of the film, television and entertainment industry. Our unique combined experience allows us to be able to create, write, develop, discover and produce great scripts, while attracting and packaging talent that brings the stories to life.

At Unicord Media, we believe that beauty and functionality should go hand-in-hand. That’s why we won’t settle for anything less than gorgeous designs and digital interactive experiences that blow our clients away. As a leading full-service digital development and production company, we handle diverse projects beyond design and video. We have experience in web design, web development, mobile applications, web apps, facebook apps, corporate branding, graphic design, music promo  videos, e-learning, digital marketing, and remote staff outsourcing. So whatever digital requirements you need, we’ve got you covered!

Our production services include Creative process & Development, scriptwriting, casting and shooting on-location or in studio. We have fully equipped Final Cut/ Premier CC editing suites and a staff of skilled editors. We provide a variety of post-production services such as transcription and foreign language translation, graphics, original music composition. We can produce a job from script to final product, or assist with any aspect of a shoot or post-production

Design Work for our International Clients includes conceptual, design Development  & Corporate imagery for TVC, Print & online Strategies.